Do you feel like your spouse could be cheating??

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Infidelity Warning Signs

What are the signs of infidelity? So, you feel suspicious that your spouse comes home late and may be having an extramarital affair, and now you find yourself wondering if he/she really is, or is it just your over active imagination. Statistically, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, and 30% to 60% will have to deal with the devastation and aftermath of marital infidelity.


    • Guarding Cell Phone

If your spouse begins to guard his/her cell phone, this could be a sign there may be some activity on the phone they are keeping from you and could be a good indicator that they are cheating.


        • Physical Appearance

If your husband seems to be going to the gym and working out more, or spending more time away from home, he may be trying to impress someone new. You should be suspicious if your husband has always worn a beard, and all at once he is clean shaven. If he changes his attire and seems to take more interest in his looks, he could be courting someone else.


        • Conversation

If you and your spouse have always discussed things and all at once, and he/she is showing a reluctance to do so, this could be a sign of an affair. When your spouse no longer has time to talk or seems uninterested, it’s sometimes because he/she suddenly has someone new.


        • Eating Habits

If your spouse has never liked certain foods and all at once he changes his eating habits, be suspicious. After having dinner a few times with a lover, the eating habits of his lover will become his habits. He will want to start eating in a different way while at home, which should alert of an affair.


        • E-Mails & Internet

If a spouse has not been particularly interested in the computer and all at once has a secret email account that the other doesn’t know about, or secret logins, this is a sure sign that something is going on.


        • Sex

If a couple has enjoyed a certain pattern to sex–yet all of a sudden the husband wants it more, less, or has strange requests in bed–it’s possibly because he’s having an affair with another woman who has awakened those appetites.


        • Physical Evidence

Don’t be blind to evidence, such as jewelry that isn’t yours, a love note or a hotel key. It can be hard to face head on, but these pieces of evidence–when found more than once–denote infidelity.


        • Relationship Changes

If you notice that one spouse or significant other has become more distant with the other, less patient, or even is quicker to anger, it could be because he/she’s receiving attention from a new lover.


        • Intuition

There is something to be said for a “gut feeling”. If a spouse begins to wonder if the other is being unfaithful, he/she should look for other signs that one can gather together as evidence.