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Agreement date as of ___________________________________between ________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT” and Destin ¬†Investigations (hereinafter referred to as “AGENCY”).

1. AGENCY shall provide client with investigative services which may result in: written reports, recorded statements, documents, photographic, video, audio, and related materials, as set for by the terms and conditions below. CLIENT agrees that all reports will be submitted and received subject to the conditions of this Agreement.

2. Reports can be delivered via US Mail, faxed upon consent from CLIENT, hand delivered, e-mailed or delivered telephonically. CLIENT requests a written report ___________YES ____________NO.
3. CLIENT agrees to pay AGENCY for all services rendered regardless of the outcome of said services. Payments in full are due to AGENCY by way of agreed retainer outlined in this paragraph before AGENCY shall commence any work on behalf of CLIENT unless otherwise agreed between the parties of this agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, CLIENT agrees to pay AGENCY for work undertaken or to be undertaken at the rate of $75 per hour, billed at quarter hour increments plus all associated expenses with the understanding that CLIENT shall pay a retainer in this instance of $___________________ against costs. It is agreed that any and all court appearances pertaining to this case are billed at the rate of $90 per hour plus associated expenses.

4. Pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 493.6119(1), AGENCY will keep and maintain all records strictly confidential, except where required by law. No information from reports will be revealed to the person reported on or to any other person unless CLIENT gives express consent.

5. In the process of obtaining requested information, AGENCY will comply with all provisions of Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations pertaining to the use of criminal conviction histories and/or bank account or confidential financial information and adhere to all current privacy rules and regulations. AGENCY assumes that all information sold to CLIENT will be used for lawful purposes only and CLIENT acknowledges that it his represented such to AGENCY.

6. AGENCY will endeavor to provide complete and accurate reports pursuant to this agreement. Nevertheless, CLIENT acknowledges that the information contained in such reports is obtained from sources including, but not limited to: public records, non-proprietary services and through observation or perception, which may require the exercise of judgment of interpretation. CLIENT
further releases AGENCY, its officers, employees, and affiliated companies and any companies or individual from which agency obtains information included in a report, from the employees, and affiliated companies and any companies or individual from which AGENCY obtains information included in a report, from the liability arising or alleged to-arise directly or indirectly from any negligent acts, errors, or omissions by any of the provider of information or AGENCY in connection with the preparation of any reports, written or verbal.

7. Name similarities may be included in the report due to lack of sufficient information to verify that the individual or entity is the subject of research. It is agreed that CLIENT will furnish AGENCY with true and accurate information to the best of CLIENTS knowledge and ability at the time of this agreement. AGENCY reserves the right to decline or withdraw from, any assignment that might give rise to a conflict without explanation. CLIENT understands that knowingly supplying false, misleading or incomplete statements or information to AGENCY relating to said assignment will result in immediate termination of said assignment and forfeiture of all retainers and money paid to AGENCY. AGENCY does not draw conclusions, make representations, nor express any opinions regarding the information contained in the report.

8. By requesting and receiving reports, the CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless AGENCY, its officers, and employees form any and all claims., liabilities, expenses, fees including attorney fees, costs, and judgments arising from CLIENTS use of possession of the information furnished in said reports.

9. CLIENT agrees that AGENCY is engaged solely by yourself or your company, regardless of your client’s ability and/or willingness to pay and further agree that if any monthly invoice is not paid by you or your company within thirty days after it is rendered, it will be subject to a service charge at the rate of 1.5% per month and you will be responsible for any reasonable expenses associated with collections including, but not limited to: our time at our standard hourly rate and all attorney fees related to collection of any past due amounts from CLIENT.

In witness whereof the parties by their duly authorized representatives have signed this Agreement as of the above date.

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