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When you need a background check, don’t rely on what can be found with online websites. For accurate, up-to-date information, give us a call. We will provide you with a complete, full, and accurate report. When you are making important decisions about the welfare of your loved ones, before allowing someone into your home, you will want to ensure yourself that you have done the best job possible checking the person out. We can assist you in making these very important decisions and mitigating risks. We have helped many law firms, employers, private citizens, adoptive parents, families, and others. We have helped many employers ensure the integrity of their business with new hirees as well as current employees.

Our comprehensive and detailed background checks can include:

    • Criminal History
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Social Security Number Trace
    • Driving Records
    • Person Locate
    • Bankruptcy Filings
    • Premarital Investigations
    • Property
    • Assets
    • Phone numbers
    • Addresses

Whatever information you may need, we can provide it to you fast, usually on the same day you give us the information on the person. Call or E-mail us for our price list for the background checks that you need.

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